The Go Time Success Book

Build Your Wealth the Easier Way

Take Your Home-Service Company to the Next Level
Get step-by-step instructions for your life-changing and transformational journey. Whether you are a first-time owner or a seasoned vet, we can help you get from overwhelmed to experienced.

Get in the Fast Lane to Success

Learn to meet the challenges of any type of home-service business head on with the battle-tested advice and proven techniques we used to build our mutli-million dollar companies.

Avoid the mistakes others make so you can get to the finish line in record time!

Start With Your End Game

It may feel odd at first, but you must begin by defining what you plan to do with your business when you step away or sell. We will help you spell out your plan, step by step.

Create Your Team

Learn strategies to recruit, hire, train, and retain team members that will become, not only long-term employees but, leaders in your company.

Attract Customers

We will help you define your audience, decide how you will deliver on your promises, and understand how to keep your company's top of mind awareness.

Measure and Refine

Learn the key KPIs Ben and Chris use to consistently track results to help you recognize problems and address them before you loose hard earned momentum.
"If you've only recently opened your doors, now's the time to apply the many principles of this book to build a successful HVAC business early. If you own an existing company with some years under your belt, it's never too late to step back and apply many of these valuable tips."
- Terry McIver, Contracting Business

About the Authors

Ben Stark and Chris Hunter are two business adventurers who have traveled similar roads. Both worked for different companies as technicians, started HVAC and other companies, launched consulting firms, sold HVAC companies and today, run very successful HVAC, Plumbing and Electrical outfits. As passionate and giving, faith-based family men, who share a business growth mindset, Ben and Chris have achieved a level of personal success.

They realize the pathway to their success was not trodden with random luck, mysticism or a once-in-a lifetime shot. It was take-action, repeatable systems, processes and procedures built upon a foundation of important values and servant leadership. Sharing their roadmap with others is their way to share their formula with a combination of training sessions, live online interaction, and their latest book It's Go-Time.

Dave Rothacker was one of the early proponents of online contractor idea exchanges who has an ability to look at an ordinary situation in a different way. A thirty-five plus year HVAC industry veteran, he is hardwired with a growth mindset, passionate about written communication and shares the indentical business beliefs as Ben and Chris. He brings forth unique perspectives that make people stop and think.

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