Did you miss How to Run an HVAC, Plumbing, or Electrical Business 101 back in trade school? Of course you did. Why? Because back in the day, that type of education didn’t exist. 


But once you became a technician you learned how to run a business, right? Of course you didn’t. Why? Because other than learning how to treat people, either by a caring or a crummy boss, nothing in your experience taught you how to market, how to use financials, how to analyze KPIs, how to perform annual success planning, or how to lead others, among a long, long list of other business skills that you were probably never taught. 


You know who else missed that class? Chris Hunter and Ben Stark, two of the most successful people in the business. They were once technicians who went on to start their own companies. Going from truck to business owner, they enrolled in the School of Hard Knocks. The book you hold in your hands is a story of transformation, a compilation of lessons learned and massive action taken. 


Ben and Chris are giving entrepreneurs by nature. Due to their profound success, they felt a deep desire to give back to the industries that have been so good to them. Setting out to write a book, they reached out to me, Dave Rothacker, a writer with twenty-five years of management experience in the HVAC industry. 

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How to Use This Book

It’s Go-Time! can be read cover to cover or it can be used as a reference manual, focusing on one chapter at a time. Like Ben and Chris did with Ron Smith’s HVAC Spells Wealth and More and New HVAC Spells Wealth, we recommend that you do both! 


The more you dig into it, the clearer the focus becomes on how all of the chapters tie together. Ben and Chris are more than just good marketers, they’re proficient in all of the disciplines covered in this book. 


We end each chapter with a Go-Time Formula exercise that reinforces lessons learned, and you can create your own Go-Time Formula whenever you seek to create, innovate, modify, change, or learn a different segment of the business, or when you seek to create, innovate, modify, or change a system, process, or procedure. Here’s the best part: The Go-Time Formula applies to every aspect of life. If you want to improve or enhance any area of your life, career, marriage, you name it, the Go-Time Formula will help you get there. 


A business is a complicated, changing, living, and growing organism. For every topic covered here, be sure to check into the Go-Time University for a deeper dive and continuous updates. 

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Two Voices, One Guide

Ben and Chris are experts in their field; together, they possess a staggering amount of business knowledge and experience. If you’ve ever had the pleasure of speaking with or listening to them in person, you know that while they share similar business beliefs, their personalities and styles of expression are quite different. That difference is what brings this book to life. 


It’s more than a collective, homogenized, singular voice. There is a more educational and emotional impact when we’re able to relate the knowledge and experience discussed here, by two people, to the individual, so the advice of Ben and Chris is offered separately, compared, and contrasted, in a way that lets you choose the parts that resonate the most with you. 


Imagine that we’re in a museum curated and staffed by Ben and Chris. Each exhibit, chock-full of knowledge, wisdom, and experience, represents a chapter in this book. I’ll be your guide as we walk through and talk with Ben, Chris, and our guests, taking in the awe and wonder of their transformation from technician to effective and successful entrepreneurs! 

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