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Go Time Success Group

12 month It’s Go Time Executive Business Coaching Program

The Go Time Success Group is tired of seeing hard working contractors work their entire lives and not create the wealth they deserve. You lay it all on the line and deal with the constant pressure of running a business & deserve more than a bunch of headaches, a slim bank account and being a prisoner to your company. If you’re stuck and just can’t seem to get going or make a lasting improvement in your business, then the It’s Go Time Executive Coaching Program is exactly what you need! We have been there and figured out how to break out of the rut and get the business working! All Success coaches are industry experts who have been in your shoes. We don’t just tell you how to operate a business on theory, but we’ve done it and succeeded!

The It’s Go Time Executive Coaching Program is for the business owner/manager who is ready to take action and begin the process of creating wealth for themselves and the company they work at. This 12-month commitment will improve all areas of your business. It starts with an initial assessment and discovery of needs. From there you will work with our Go Time Success Coaches to cover each area of your business. Coaching sessions with a specialty Go Time Success Coach can be tailored to your specific needs and time commitments. Each week you will have a coaching call via video. You will also have a board of advisors to monitor the health of your company plus hold you accountable for taking action! The board of advisors will consist of 2 master consultants Chris Hunter & Ben Stark, plus your choice of one other Go Time Success Coach. The board of advisors will review monthly financials and kpi’s for the business and provide insight and recommendations. Also, the board will have 2 (1) hour strategy calls a year, before and after the annual planning session. Included in the package is an invitation to join us for an Annual Planning Session at Go Time Success Group’s GPS Training facility. IF you do not want this, you can also choose to have a free business valuation. As an added benefit, you will also receive 15% discount on all Super Tech Training Classes at the GPS training center.

ITs GO TIME EXECUTIVE COACHING PACKAGE- This package provides 12 months of executive business coaching from multiple Go Time Success Coaches.

Package comes with weekly coaching calls, Annual Planning Session at GPS Training Center or business valuation, Board of Advisors monitoring business financials, coaching for implementation of the strategic plan and 15% discount to all GPS Training classes. A $33,400 Value for ONLY $2,500 a month.

During the 12 months, you will learn how to take action on items such as these: