Ben Stark

Ben Stark


Ben Stark has built several successful businesses over the course of his career. In addition to his practical knowledge of electrical and plumbing systems, he became adept at creating easy-to-follow blueprints for business success while also vigilantly acting as an operational and financial steward to improve the bottom line and realize organizational objectives.

Ben’s entry into the HVAC world was largely accidental – early in his career he worked in the maintenance industry. Deciding that he needed to pursue a career that would offer him a better living, he invested in a 6-week course in HVAC training. He went on to complete a community college degree at night while working in the field during the day. After 5 years, he was ready to venture out on his own. His greatest success came when he invested in learning how to become a successful business owner, not just a contractor.


Business Leader Development
Train The Trainer
Manager Development
On-Site Company Evaluation
Putting Companies on Track
Program Development


The HVAC industry affords me the opportunity to exceed my personal goals and I am committed to help others achieve similar success. Through the development of Best Practices classroom training, One-On-One consultation, and Interactive on-line training, I provide clients with the formula for achieving and surpassing their goals.

Ben Stark - Master Consultant Fees

Specialty: Visionary/Growth/Bottom Line
Secondary Specialty: Acquisitions/Middle Management

Phone Hourly
1 Hour Problem Solving Call.

Phone Package
6-One Hour Weekly Calls.

Business assessment, valuation or brand story creation process.

Daily On-Site
On Site Travel, Lodging & Meals Expenses are Additional Direct Cost.

Weekly On Site
On Site Travel, Lodging & Meals Expenses are Additional Direct Cost.

Daily Hosted Visit
Client visits consultants shop. Travel, lodging and meals not included.

Weekly Hosted Visit.
Client visits consultants shop. Travel, lodging and meals not included.


My Favourite Quote

“It is the set of the sail—not the direction of the wind—that determines which way we will go.” – Jim Rohn

Strategic Consulting:

Business plans, Training & Sales Strategy, Advising for New Business Structures, Home Services Profit Strategies, Building Clear ROIs (Return on Investment), Drafting Policies, Formation of Corporations, Structuring Commercial Transactions, and Collaborative Leadership.



I have taken multiple classes here at go time. This place has changed my career for the better. Joe Person has gave me such an in depth process on how to better communicate with people in the most effective way. And Chuck Morales has given me all the technical knowledge I could ever need. This class is life changing. Highly recommended.


Travis Haile


I have taken the leadership mastermind course and had Dave as my proctor. As someone who just obtained a role as a service manager for a Plumbing company, I definitely needed guidance on how to properly become a successful leader. The weekly knowledge that Dave and the mastermind group would share, helped me open my mind to a whole new outlook of leadership. The Go Time success group are also super supportive and responsive. I would highly recommend this program!


Justin Pen


Positive: Communication

Adrianne with Go Time Success Group was a huge help to our company, Doors by Mike, as we onboarded with Service Titan. Adrianne is proficient with Service Titan and she is also a patient teacher. As a bonus, her husband Dustin was able to help us on the technician work flows. I highly recommend Adrianne and Go Time Success Group.


Matt Moneyhan


I am so thankful to have these guys in our back yard. The knowledge Chuck possesses is out of this world. I am very appreciative to Joe, Thomas and the entire GoTime Team!


Medley Heating and Air Conditioning

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