Robin Jones

Marketing and Branding Strategist

Robin Jones

As an executive with the Walt Disney Company for 14 years Robin Jones learned first-hand how to dream up, define, and grow a brand. At Radio Disney, Jones was honored with the responsibility of developing, maintaining, and strategically planning all aspects of programming for the wildly successful family friendly music brand that still exists. While there, she spent time under the tutelage of the company’s CEO, Bob Iger, in a mentorship program reserved for the company’s best and brightest minority executives.

Jones’ contributions included developing, integrating and managing successful feature, promotional, and audio campaigns for national Fortune 500 Companies. She also directed Radio Disney’s multi-million selling CD series, and sold out concert shows in Los Angeles, CA and Dallas, TX. Her work at Radio Disney resulted in numerous national recognitions including the coveted Gracie Allen Award.

Her experience following Radio Disney includes developing brand and creative strategy for a range of businesses including women’s jewelry, a children’s online platform, and other national radio syndicated businesses.

From 2012-2017 Jones joined Service Nation Inc, where she worked on all aspects of the company’s branding and marketing including producing the Service World Expo show, teaching Branding and Marketing to global home service contractors at the company’s Boot Camp, and touring the country as a speaker on their Success Days circuit.

In 2017, Jones left to pursue inspiring business owners wishing to grow their brands. Named for the experience worn suit she brandished while traveling the country to serve others, her company Tattered Suit LLC helps entrepreneurs dream up, define, and put their brands into practice. Contact her at

Robin Jones - Consultant Fees

Specialty: Brand Story Creation
Secondary Specialty: Call To Action Marketing

Phone Hourly
1 Hour Problem Solving Call.

Phone Package
6-One Hour Weekly Calls.

Business assessment, valuation or brand story creation process.

Daily On-Site
On Site Travel, Lodging & Meals Expenses are Additional Direct Cost.

Weekly On Site
On Site Travel, Lodging & Meals Expenses are Additional Direct Cost.

Daily Hosted Visit
Client visits consultants shop. Travel, lodging and meals not included.

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