It’s Go Time


Ben Stark and Chris Hunter share insights and strategies to help your home service company succeed!

Chris Hunter and Ben Stark are two of the most successful people in the business. Due to their profound success, they felt a deep desire to give back to the industries that have been so good to them. Setting out to write a book, they reached out to Dave Rothacker, a writer with twenty-five years of management experience in the HVAC industry.


How This Book Can Help You:

– Learn how to establish a business exit strategy

– See into Ben and Chris’s framework of vision, mission, core values and purpose

– Obtain a fresh perspective on the dynamics of work / life

– Learn what Ben puts into his handtools, knowledge, communication and mindset business toolboxes

– Understand strategies to recruit, hire and retain coworkers

– Learn how to build the most important service department procedure of them all: The Go Time Service Call

– Delve into not only Ben and Chris’s CSR expertise, but immerse yourself into one of the country’s leading CSR experts, Angie Snow

– Learn about KPIs, one of the most critical elements that led to Ben and Chris’s success

– Understand how most coworkers leave managers, not companies and what to do about it

– The owner’s level of leadership is equivalent to how far the company can go. See how Ben and Chris increased the level of this lid and the results

– And More!


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How to Use This Book
It’s Go-Time! can be read cover to cover or it can be used as a reference manual, focusing on one chapter at a time. Like Ben and Chris did with Ron Smith’s HVAC Spells Wealth and More and New HVAC Spells Wealth, we recommend that you do both! The more you dig into it, the clearer the focus becomes on how all of the chapters tie together. Ben and Chris are more than just good marketers, they’re proficient in all of the disciplines covered in this book.

We end each chapter with a Go-Time Formula exercise that reinforces lessons learned, and you can create your own Go-Time Formula whenever you seek to create, innovate, modify, change, or learn a different segment of the business, or when you seek to create, innovate, modify, or change a system, process, or procedure. Here’s the best part: The Go-Time Formula applies to every aspect of life. If you want to improve or enhance any area of your life, career, marriage, you name it, the Go-Time Formula will help you get there.

A business is a complicated, changing, living, and growing organism. For every topic covered here, be sure to check into the Go-Time University for a deeper dive and continuous updates. All of the books written on our industry barely make up a handful of sand in the desert of available knowledge. Check our book recommendation section for our favorite grains of sand. For a more comprehensive dive into each topic covered here and much, much more, visit the Go-Time University!

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