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Build a HVAC Basic Maintenance & Basic Service Tech

Training Center 1500 Central Park Dr, Hurst,TX

    Basic Service and Maintenance Training This training will benefit junior techs by focusing on an eleven-day classroom and practical hands-on workshop for comprehensive maintenance coverage and customer communication. The goal is to take an individual with limited or no HVAC knowledge and provide them with the technical knowledge and communication training to be […]

Practical “Air-side” (Airflow, Duct Sizing & Design)

Training Center 1500 Central Park Dr, Hurst,TX

    Airflow, Duct Sizing and Design Airflow is one of the most overlooked aspects of Residential HVAC that leads to poor system performance and more importantly missed sales opportunities. Customers spend good money on high-efficiency systems and this equipment will not work efficiently without a properly designed duct system. Contractors regularly overlook these issues […]

Heat Exchanger Defects

Training Center 1500 Central Park Dr, Hurst,TX

Crack or no crack? Chuck Morales and Ben Stark have close to 80 years of experience in the world of Heating and Air Conditioning. Learning how to properly examine heat exchangers and communicate the results with customers is an ongoing challenge in the HVAC industry. Proper handling of the heat exchanger examination process will mean […]

The C.A.R.E. Selling Process (Sales Class)

Training Center 1500 Central Park Dr, Hurst,TX

When it comes to selling, how you show up in the eyes of the buyer is one of the most important things you can master. This workshop breaks down the fundamental skills that will help you improve your sales results. Day 1: Air Side Design         Understanding the dynamic properties of the airflow […]

21 Irrefutable Laws

Zoom Meeting

<!-- September 1st – November 3rd, 11 am-12 pm CST each week. --> Are you in a leadership role? Do you aspire to be in a leadership role? With a universe of leadership websites, books, and experts, where do you turn for guidance and developmental help? Dave Rothacker turn to John C. Maxwell. Maxwell has […]