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Super Boost the Tech Class

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or August 18th-20th @ 10:00am - 12:00pm CST Whether you have technicians that are producing or some that can produce they just don’t know-how. This class will Super Boost the confidence of even the most Sr. Tech and get the quality results we are all looking for. It’s time to help increase their average ticket […]

C.A.R.E. Supertech Selling System

Zoom Meeting

August 25th-27th @ 7:00am – 9:00am CST or August 25th-27th @ 10:00am – 12:00pm CST Join Go Time Success Group as we prep the sales minds for the best in home sales process the industry offers! We show you how to C.A.R.E. more than your competitor. Join Joe Person as he walks us down every step on […]

Do You Know How Valuable You Are as a CSR?

Zoom Meeting

<!--Do You Know How Valuable You Are as a CSR? August 25th-27th; 12pm - 2pm CST--> As the first impression and the voice of your company, you are more than “just” a CSR. You have the ability to solve problems, engage and educate the client, and act with confidence as you maximize every opportunity that […]

21 Irrefutable Laws

Zoom Meeting

<!-- September 1st – November 3rd, 11 am-12 pm CST each week. --> Are you in a leadership role? Do you aspire to be in a leadership role? With a universe of leadership websites, books, and experts, where do you turn for guidance and developmental help? Dave Rothacker turn to John C. Maxwell. Maxwell has […]

Build a HVAC Basic Maintenance & Basic Service Tech

1500 Central Park Dr, Hurst, TX 76053, USA Go Time Success Group 1500 Central Park Dr, Hurst,TX

    Basic Service and Maintenance Training This training will benefit junior techs by focusing on an eleven-day classroom and practical hands-on workshop for comprehensive maintenance coverage and customer communication. The goal is to take an individual with limited or no HVAC knowledge and provide them with the technical knowledge and communication training to be […]