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Tags: ServiceTitan Certified Coach, Customer Service, Call Center Workflow

Specializes in: Enhancing the customer experience, utilization of ServiceTitan, dispatching for profit, ServiceTitan implementation and increasing CSR productivity

Kirsten Weeks

Kirsten Weeks grew up seeing the best and worst the industry has to offer. With her father Kelly Weeks going from a technician, to a manager, to an active part in growing companies within the field she had an opportunity to see every side firsthand. She remembers riding along from customer to customer listening to Cheap Trick and eating Home Depot hot dogs. Those were her favorite days. Eventually those ride alongs brought her into the office where she learned from her father a different side of customer service and what it meant to be truly profitable.

At 14 she began helping to take calls and dispatch technicians. She was always proud to say that she was held to a higher standard despite her age because her dad never settled for mediocrity. To be a Weeks, you must strive to be the best. During a period of time when one of the companies her father was assisting in took a toll, she saw how difficult this industry could be. Seeing the pain and the money loss sparked a passion in Kirsten to do everything she could to prevent that feeling for others.

For a period, she ventured out of the industry. Pushing to be a leader in the restaurant industry through training others and climbing up the ladder. At 19 she was the bar manager for a company she loved and looking to start up her own bar. However, that HVAC passion never died and when presented the opportunity to get back into the trade as an office manager she jumped at it.

Working for what was now her father’s competitor she was motivated to create the best call center possible. The software at the time was Service Titan and she studied weekly to see how to utilize it more and more to give her team the best opportunity to succeed. She then moved onto the next company helping another call center grow to be their best. Driven to master all facets of the business she eventually moved up to be a Plumbing Service Manager. She used her knowledge in Service Titan to help drive sales and better track performance. That is when she began to genuinely believe that this software is a real game changer for the industry.

Provided with the opportunity to teach others how to utilize Service Titan in order to grow their business she was eager to switch over and begin Coaching full time. Every company she sees her goal is to not only make them better at what they do but make them secure in their business. That 14-year-old who saw people she grew to know lose everything has never left her mind. She plans to continue in this field both learning, teaching, and inspiring other women to tackle the trade. Most of all she hopes to do grow in the industry and continue building on her family’s name and making her father proud.

While Kirsten loves pouring her time into the industry, she does make time to enjoy her other hobbies. She plays sand volleyball every chance she gets and loves fishing, hiking, and anything that gets her outside. She has three cats and two dogs that keep her busy (cleaning more than anything). She has hopes to travel and see everything this life has to offer.

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