Gary Woodruff

Gary Woodruff

Literally “born in the trades”, Gary Woodruff grew up around his family’s heating and air conditioning business in Western Massachusetts. When this child of the 1980’s asked for a Transformer for Christmas, his dad got him one… but it wasn’t a plastic robot. College breaks were spent cutting sheet metal and hanging ductwork. After exploring other options in the “real world”, Gary returned to the business and began with in-home sales. Eventually he became sales manager, where his favorite part of the 13-year job experience was taking calls from his team members and helping them sell the best product for their customers and themselves. Working in a small family business, Gary’s role often wasn’t limited to the sales department as he took on tasks in other departments when needed and worked collaboratively with other managers.

As part of his role, Gary frequently used ServiceTitan in his business and loved how it helped the business grow and become more efficient. From day 1 with ServiceTitan, Gary was all in on paperless sales and has become quite passionate about the price book. He is excited to bring this passion to his clients. Using the gift for teaching from his mother, along with an impressive recall of rules and procedures, Gary will help clients maximize their use of the programs available. He enjoys meeting new people and sharing information with them. His distance learning skills were honed in the pandemic and through lengthy calls with his less than computer savvy father-in-law.

When not on the clock, Gary enjoys a variety of hobbies including competitive sailing in his Ensign, brewing beer and expanding his collection of underground vinyl music. At all times he is kept on his toes by a very energetic 8-year-old son and two older rescue mutts. He is supported in all his endeavors by “the best decision” of his life, his wife Pam.

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