Greg Stechert

Greg Stechert - Sales Coach and Trainer

Specializes in: Psychology of sales

Greg Stechert

“It’s not what I want from you. It’s what I want for you.”

No matter how you slice it, dice it and or peruse it, examine Greg Stechert’s career path and you’ll find a mountain of evidence that points toward his penchant to make a difference and make an impact in the lives of other people.

Walk Greg’s career path and you’ll quickly discover an undertow that courses throughout; Greg’s presentation, sales and coaching skills all have a foundation in connecting with people and building trusting relationships.

Greg began his trek as a 13-year-old salesman for the Review Journal in Las Vegas. He pedaled newspapers and was recognized as the company’s highest producer for new subscribers in the entire company.

Teen years spelled challenging times for Greg. Fortunately, he discovered his faith during this period. Not only did it put him on a wholesome pathway, but he also met his future wife Suzi along the way.

From the time he graduated high school till he was 23, Greg did odd jobs. Then starting off at Power Plus, a California based utility company, he spent thirteen years laying the foundation for subsequent business success. His business development, sales, customer relations and project / contract management skills like seeds, were planted, nurtured, and developed.

Greg created a strategy that has served him masterfully along the way. It starts with inspiration and motivation, perspiration, calibration and back to inspiration. Inspired to start, motivated to keep going, add in hard work, calibrate effort, embrace the added inspiration, rinse, and repeat.

Prior to launching his own firm, the Deep Roots Consulting Group, Greg worked for Pride Air Conditioning and Appliance, Broward Factory Service, Don Hillman Inc. and Power Selling Pros where he fine-tuned his HVAC knowledge and skills. In between he also worked as a safety consultant and insurance agent.

While some people might view a journey like Greg’s with the raised eyebrows of, “those are a lot of career stops,” Greg and the Go Time Success Group look at it as a rich and deep tank of experience, knowledge and wisdom gained. Spend one conversation talking about business relationships with Greg and it’s clear that he’s been living his strategy of inspiration, motivation, perspiration, calibration, and inspiration throughout his career.

Greg’s personal mission is: “Motivating, educating and inspiring people from all walks of life through stories, laughter and team building exercises.”

Greg is married to Suzi. They enjoy traveling, reading, and serving young married couples, helping them to navigate the road of life. Greg and Suzi have two adult children, Anisa, and Isabella. Another favorite pastime is spent with their girls. They call it Java Ventures. They visit miscellaneous, out of the way coffee shops where they review and grade them on atmosphere, food quality and customer service. How fun!

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